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We are a small farm in central Texas. On our journey to becoming more self-sufficient, we found the Nigerian Dwarf Goat and later the Oberhasli (medium size dairy goat).
Both of these breeds produce a very sweet and rich milk.  They also make good companions and cute lawn mowers! Dwarf breeds make wonderful pets and Oberhasli wether's can be used to pull a small wagon or as a pack goat. Oberhaslis will be the quietest goats you'll ever own. They are the opposite of the Nubians.
Many thanks to Randy & Sheila Teakell who got us started with some fine Nigerian Dwarf Goats.
Many thanks to Rick & Laura Rivard who got us started with our first Oberhasli, Bambi.
Many thanks to Ron & Cheryl Schocke who taught us how to milk and make goat milk soap. https://www.homesteadheritage-homesteading.com/homesteading-course.html
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Alexandra Burmeister

    All our Nigerian Dwarf Goats tested neg. for CAE and CL as of
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Books of interest:
Storey's Guide to Raising DairyGoats,
Goats Produce Too by Mary Jane Toth
Sorry, we do not sell goats milk!